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Welcome to Cash4Emails.biz, the banner hosting, information and general bits and pieces home for Foxy Lady

Below you will find details of sites I own and services I offer.

Details of banner hosting prices and banners for sale will appear here shortly,

Membership is free at each and every one of my sites,if you would like to join them just click on the link and away you go. During 2009 I bought the ad manager plug in for all sites. All sites have perseronal ptc pages and OptinBuzz has the TGB Enterprises affiliate page plug in.

This one was my very first site - Foxden.biz

This was the second site I bought, and boy! did this one give me the run around before it finally behaved. Cash4emails.com

A friend of mine was closing this site due to her increased work commitments, so Cashfold joined my sites. cashfold.com

When the WM of this site approached me as a safe pair of hands to take over the site I was in seventh heaven. She is fantastic person and remains a firm friend. ThePostedNote.com

I won a bidding war to own this site. VictorianEmails.com

OptinBuzz has been fully redesigned. OptinBuzz.com


As of 1st September 2010 Zodiac Ads joins the Foxy Lady sites. Join today! Zodiac-Ads.com

As of 1st October 2010 What?Cash joins the Foxy Lady sites. Join today! Whatcash.com

FoxyLadyNews.co.uk For blog, shop and more

ThePostednote.com/forum For the Forum for all Foxy Lady Sites

Foxy Lady Sites are owned by Sheila Tomkinson, 33 Kirby Road, Stone, Dartford, Kent DA2 6HE, United Kingdom

If you are unable to reach Foxy Lady by the site mail please try an email to sheilatomkinson@gmail.com

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